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How to ensure the success of your renovation project

Design Ideas | January 13, 2015

Renovating your home can be an exciting, pleasant and rewarding process. That is, if you take the time to plan your project carefully. So whether you are making modest changes in one room or fully transforming your dream home, make sure to following these tips to ensure the success of your project.

1. Do your homework

Take a moment to determine what you want vs. what you need -both in the short and long term. Run your ideas by an experienced renovator or an interior designer. They will be able to assess the feasibility of your project and help you to come up with a realistic budget. Also, make sure to review your home-owners insurance policy as well as any applicable strata or municipal bylaws, to determine whether special permits for your project will be required.

2. Look for an experienced contractor or renovation company

We all agree that a good working relationship is a vital ingredient for the successful execution of a renovation process. Take your time to research a reputable company that can help you to transform your concepts and ideas into a reality. Upon choosing the right contractor or team for your project, make sure to conduct a thorough background check and to ask them to draft a contract for your review.

3. Get it in writing

Before signing a contract, read it carefully. Make sure that the description of the work to be done is clear and inclusive of all the work that will be required for your project. Pay special attention to payment schedules and to set clear deadlines for each portion of the project. Keep in mind that if something is not in the contract, it will be your responsibility.

The article below includes a list of 10 crucial questions to ask your contractor before you start your project. If you need a referral for a trusted contractor, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] We will be happy to assist you. Take care and good luck with your project!

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