Where is my nearest store?
How can I request a sample?
How can I estimate the square footage of the area that I need flooring for?
Do you sell flooring accessories?
Can I purchase products on your website?
How long will it take to install my new floors?
What if the sub flooring is damaged?
Do I need to level my subfloor?
Do we need to remove our current molding?
Do I need to supply anything?
What if my doors no longer close?


What are the different carpet styles?
Can carpet cause asthma or worsen my allergy symptoms?
Does carpet emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs)?
What are the pros and cons of different carpet fibers?
Do I need padding / carpet underlay?


What’s the difference between solid and engineered hardwood?
Can I install hardwood floors anywhere in my house?
How important is the hardness of the wood?
What are the pros and cons of different hardwood finishes?
What are the different hardwood installation techniques?
I have infloor radiant heating in my house – can I install hardwood flooring over it?
Are there any special considerations for installing hardwood floors in the suite of a strata building?
Can my hardwood floors be refinished years down the road?
What does FSC certified mean?


What should I know before buying tile?
Can I use a high gloss tile on my kitchen countertops?
How do I cut and work with glass tiles?