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How to Choose the Perfect Backsplash

The humble backsplash has come a long way. Once upon a time, its purpose was purely functional: a tiled area behind the stove and sink to protect kitchen walls from stains and splashes. Today the availability of all manner of materials in a wide array of finishes means your backsplash can make more of a statement.

Tiled kitchen backsplashes for example, continue to be a popular choice as they offer versatility, practicality and style. Thanks to advances in printing technology, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be produced in many sizes, shapes and textures -including styles that resemble natural wood and stone minus the associated performance challenges. Tiles are very resistant to scratches and are not easily affected when in contact with heat or water. Depending on the style of your choice, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be quite affordable and easy to install. Beyond that, tiles are extremely durable and if the tiles were ever to become chipped or damaged, you can simply remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new one.

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